"Failed to use WordPress REST API"?

I setup a new woocommerce XLS Padlock activation kit on my web host (I’m not in production yet). I deleted the old kit, but I did make a backup copy. The old kit worked, but the new kit gives the error message:

“Failed to use WordPress REST API. Check the configuration. cURL Error: Could not resolve host: www.mydomain.com” when attempting to activate a workbook.

My DNS settings haven’t changed. I did a checksum compare and text compare on all of the files; everything is materially the same except the validationkey.txt and REST API keys have changed (to match the new woocommerce settings). Maybe my new REST API keys are causing the error? Perhaps my old REST API keys are still stored on the XLS padlock servers and need to be deleted (but maybe I’m wrong). Does anyone have a guess as to what is causing this error?

Fixed it. The problem was with my web host. They had some type of DNS issue that they had to fix on their end.

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