Failure to Encrypt External Files

Failure to Encrypt External Files

I used HE4.9.1 to Encrypt External Files few months ago.
I have kept file external, and set the path to “%PATH%”.
When I clicked the button “Encrypt External Files”, I got an error message “An error occurred in the application”.
And I have clicked the button “send bug report” to send the reports to you several times. However, I did not receive any reply from you.

Please help!

We answered you for your different reports but maybe you haven’t got the reply. The bug report indicates that the application appears to be frozen but it’s normal if you are encrypting very large files. Just click Continue and it will encrypt them correctly.

I have clicked the “continue application” button many times, it doesn’t work.

How large are the files you are trying to encrypt? And is some process trying to access these files while encrypting such as an antivirus program?

There are several mp4 files, size from 182MB~ 316MB.

I’ve disabled my antivirus program McAfee, still won’t work.

Strange because no other error is listed in the error report we received from you. The application is frozen is the only error and it’s not a real error, just that the application is taking too much time to encrypt files. Maybe these files are also being used by another process?

I’ve found out answer.
There are 8 mp4 files, which are put in 8 different sub-folders.
If I put them in same folder, then I can encrypt them well.

Still strange indeed. We’ll try to reproduce your problem with different sub-folders. Thank you for the follow-up.