FastSpring Activation not working XLSPadlock

Has anyone successfully integrated Fastspring, XLSPadlock and a wordpress website? I have basic knowledge of anything web dev side, but have followed the documenation and (I hesitate to use the word successfully!) setup Fastspring with 3 subscription products, setup the fastspiring integration kit and the fastsrpring Add-in on my website, created a basic webpage with products successfully loaded from fastspring, and created my exe through XLS Padlock. When I go through the “Test” checkout, the process appears to work well, the payment processes, the emails are sent, and an activation key is included, however the activation keys do not work.
When I create a hardware locked activation key with a compiled version that does not require online activation from within XLS Padlock, the key is 6 blocks of 5 characters e.g. 51111-1H2H1-7FA57-D2BD9-83277-BWD59, but the key generated by the fastspring process, is 11 blocks of 4 characters e.g. 5334-3554-323F-533A-5112-7141-6F38-3851-523C-3951-1A51 when I try to activate it throw the error:

[Window Title]
Systematic Risk Management
[Main Instruction]
Corrupted data received from application. Please retry and contact the support if the error persists.

I am very sure I have the correct Master and application keys set, but have no idea what else I should be checking as sadly, as I stated at the beginning, Web development is certainly not my forte. Any help will be much appreciate, I’d like to believe I am almost there! Please do say if I need to provide any specific information to help you help me!
Many thanks in advance, Paul

The code returned by the FastSpring Activation Kit (11 blocks of 4 characters) is an activation token to be entered into the corresponding dialog box. It’s not an activation key.

Thank you for the reply. I have a slightly different screen, but think this is down to the activation customisation? But I think I am entering the correct codes in the correct places … please see images.FSActivation
Is there an obvious way for me to check the validity of the code created by the XLS padlock / Fastspring process please?

It’s not a problem of the activation token. It’s your server that is not returning the proper data, so there is an error on your server. Check your PHP log and also verify that URLs are correct and working.

Will do, thank you. Are you able to suggest which URLs you think may be wrong please to point me in the right direction? Whilst it obviously isn’t working correctly, it feels likt the process is “correct” in as far as the messages are going backwards and forwards so would appreciate if you are able to give an indication of which point of the process you think there is most likely an issue. Many Thanks for your help so far, Paul

First check your log file. It can be a lot of different things behind this generic error. We helped setting up a lot of kits for customers, and errors were due to some user mistake(s). Please also note that these kits are provided for free, so we don’t provide free support for them. They however do work as promised, even if they are free.