Feature Request: SFTP/FTP/HTTP Download Action

Hey guys. First of all, great work on this. I’ve tried a lot of installers and am very pleased with how robust and easy-to-use Paquet Builder is. Very impressive!

I was having a look at the Custom Actions and was hoping for some that supports downloading files, so that I could give my users the option to perform either an “offline install” (using the included files) or an “online install” which would use a Custom Action to perform an HTTP or SFTP download to get the latest files from a web server. I think it could be a very handy feature indeed. Also, this could work very well for a use-case in which you want to retrieve certain external dependencies (for example .NET framework, SQL Server Express, etc.) that are made available by Microsoft for download, instead of creating a large installer with these items bundled into it.

Perhaps this is already possible and I’m just missing it. Either way, let me know what you think please!


Thanks for your feedback. That’s one of the feature we planed a long time ago.

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You’re welcome. Keep up the great work! I am looking forward to future releases :slight_smile: