Feature Requests


Currently really impressed with the amount of actions Paquet Builder comes with. However, there are a few I would quite like to suggest. If any are already possible, could you please let me know how.

  • The ability to create a folder in the uninstaller custom actions.
  • The ability to check the file size of all files that are about to be copied and the ability to check how much disk space is left before extracting, so that we can prevent copying if disk space is low.
  • There is a ‘Get File Information’ action where we can get the file size, but can we use this to get the size of a folder? Can we also specify if we want the size to be returned in MB rather than bytes?
  • The ability to show a wait message on the uninstaller.
  • The ability to show a wait message, close it, then reopen it again. I cannot use multiple wait messages throughout my solution. If I keep the wait message on from before file extraction, and then attempt to change the text after file extraction, only a blank message will appear in the dialog.
  • The ability to write and execute a command line directly. I can get round this by writing individual lines to a batch file, then running the batch script.
  • The ability to write multiple lines to a file in one action.
  • The ability to customize the size of the text on the titles, e.g. The folder prompt message.
  • The ability to customize the appearance of the Wizard Label Text and its position on the dialogs.

Thank you for any feedback you may have!

Some of these abilities already exist such as custom actions for the uninstaller.
Some others may be possible, we’ll add your suggestions to our TODO list. Thank you!