Features and Cost of XLS Padlock


I’m currently working with the trial version of XLS padlock to assess if the software would meet the requirements of my project. I have a few questions though:

  • Every time I compile an excel spreadsheet and launch the exe file, the message “This application was built with the trial…” always appears 2-3 times (so I have to click OK 3 times before it finally starts opening the excel file). Do you know if it’s a known bug or if I’m missing something here?
  • I plan on selling my spreadsheets online, using woocommerce. I wanted to try the demo and “bought” the spreadsheet on the demo store but I’ve never received the license key to activate the demo file. Where am I supposed to get it if not by email? The only email I received was the “Your demo order is now complete” but it doesn’t include the license.
  • I understand the software costs 139 euros and gives you access to updates for a year. If I want to have access for the following years, how much does it cost? Is it 139 euros again? (which makes it an annual fee…)

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Did you double-click the EXE file several times? The error message will only be generated once per EXE run.

Actually, the “Your XLS Padlock Activation Demo order from DATE” email contains the license key. You have the Downloads and the activation key in the email’s body.

It is a one-time fee. You get a perpetual license and free upgrades for 1 year.
After this year, you can renew your maintenance when you want with a discount if you want more recent versions. Renewing is optional: you keep all versions received during your maintenance forever.
Please see the Store page (Upgrade Conditions).


  1. No I only click one time on the exe file, but the message still appears multiple times, then sometime disappears and reappears again (2-3 times total) before the excel file is ultimately launched.

  2. I’ve only received two emails: “Your XLS Padlock Activation Demo account has been created!” which doesn’t include much except the username/account and “Your XLS Padlock Activation Demo order is now complete” which includes information about “Downloads” (to download the exe file), order detail (price), payment method and billing address, and nothing else (no license number)

  3. The wording of the “Upgrade conditions” section is not really clear:
    “If you let your maintenance expire, upgrades will cost you 70% of the new license price (20% more than one-year maintenance).” What does that mean?

Can you confirm that if I want to renew/expand my maintenance after the first year, I have to pay 70% of 139euros?
BTW, the hyperlink of the sentence " Future versions may require a new license key that will be delivered only if you have an active maintenance." doesn’t seem to work anymore

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Any ideas regarding the last 2 points?

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Are you using an antivirus software or security solution?

The license number is actually an activation token, something like YourEmail-Order ID

If you don’t renew your maintenance within one year after purchase, renewing it later (after its expiration) will give you a 30% discount.
If you renew it within one year (before expiration), we give you a more important discount (50%).

Where did you find the faulty hyperlink?

Thank you for the feedback.

The faulty hyperlink is here:

On the second tab “Upgrade Conditions”

Fixed. Thanks!