Feedback on use of Exeoutput


I am thinkink of using Exeoutput to publish a shareware. This means that the software must install on very different machines (like outdated Windows XP boxes…), without any additional download required from the enduser.

I will be using NSIS as the installer. NSIS will install the 2008 Visual C++ librairies if needed.

Apart from that, are there some other things that need to be done?

Has anyone been using Exeoutput for large scale software distribution?

Regards, Benoit

No, only Visual C++ 2008 runtime must be installed on old Windows XP versions.


[list]]Is it possible to replace PHP DLLs in “C:\Program Files (x86)\ExeOutput for PHP\PHPRuntime” with VC6 PHP 5.3.5 DLLs so the final executable will work without Visual C++ 2008 runtime ? /]
]What happens if a user has disabled Javascript in IE? Does that mean that Javascript will be disabled for the executable ? /][/list]

Best regards, Benoit

No, because the internal PHP runtime was built with VC9. We are thinking of building a custom PHP runtime that would remove these dependencies, this is currently under testing.
Normally the application overrides some settings like JavaScript support, so that JS works even if it is disabled in IE itself.