File Open while working in application

Good day,

I compiled an application to enter figures for each month of the year, i.e. Jan, Feb, Mar, etc. The months are in the same application, but “saved as” Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.
My problem is: While I am busy entering figures in the current month and want to check a figure in a previous month, I have to close the application, re-start the application and “choose save” previous month. I then have to close again, re-start the application and “choose save” this month again. This wastes a lot of time. Is there a way to, while I am in the application working in the current month, open a previous month, check figures, close and carry on with the current month without having to close the whole application and restarting it every time? When compiling, I ticked “Disable all ribbons”.

Thank you

Johan Strydom

It’s possible to run the same application several times, and you can open each month.

Otherwise, just a suggestion but it’s difficult since we haven’t your workbook format, have you tried to place each month in a separate worksheet instead of workbook?