Filename Not Displayed

Even though XLS Padlock allows me to load all previously-saved versions that are compatible with the latest version of my exe file, it DOES NOT seem to display the loaded filename at the top of the screen. Rather, it shows the name of the latest version of the exe file. Is there an option available for having it display the filename the user asked to be loaded?

I’ve just discovered a particularly ugly side-effect of the issue described above: when I load the newest workbook, I can tell it to “Choose Save” and then select an old file (created from an earlier exe file). Then, the new workbook comes on up and actually brings up the “Original Workbook” (actually the most recently built one) rather than the one I specified, yet no errors are indicated. Since the filename is never shown on the open workbook, a user could easily be mis-led regarding which file is being used.

I’ve continued playing with this and have discovered that there is in fact a way to have the filename selected by the user to be displayed at the top of the screen. That’s great! That said, the issue I pointed out in the post just above is now even more evident: When I bring up the new workbook and then select an old (incompatible) file to be loaded, here’s what happens: the filename I selected is shown at the top of the screen, but the new workbook is actually loaded rather than the one I specified… whose name is displayed on the screen.

We’ll check this filename problem when loading an old and incompatible file. Thank you for the report.