Find last save date and time

In a header of a sheet of my xlspadlock-coded workbook I want to display the filename and the last save date and time of the corresponding xlsc-file if it is already saved. If the file is saved before printout or pdf generation, the printout or pdf then shows the corresponding file name and save date/time. vba-code should do the job.

Fetching of the xlsc-file name is explained in the xlspadlock used guide (Sect. 9.9).
But how to generate the last_save_date_time by vba? If the file is not yet saved, the code should produce the last_save_date_time of the xlspadlock-exe file which was used as template.

A. vba code for an uncoded excel file (last_save_date_time of the open xlsm or xlsb file)?
B. vba code for an xlspadlock-coded file (last_save_date_time of the open xlsc-file)?
C. vba combined code for A and B? Would be nice for testing.
D. The vba GetSecureWorkbookFilename() code only generates the filename(with Path) in a padlock-coded workbook. Is there a code, which does the same job (GetWorkbookFilename) for an uncoded excel Workbook? Or even a combined code which works for both the uncoded an the coded workbooks?

For last save date/Time I tried ActiveWorkbook.BuiltinDocumentProperties(12) or ActiveWorkbook.BuiltinDocumentProperties(“Last save time”). It appears to produce the TODAY / NOW Date / Time for uncoded Excel files, not the last save Date/Time.

What about FileDateTime for the XLSC file?