Find user desktop path using php?


i have been worrying to get user desktop path using php.i need to create batch file and needs to be saved in user desktop location without user knowledge when user visit my website and click on delivery button.

is it possible or not using php???
its very urgency ,please do reply…

You coulse use: GetSpecialFolderPath ( )
For desktop path, it’s: CSIDL_DESKTOPDIRECTORY = 16 ; \Desktop ; 0x0010


function GetDesktopPath: String;
Result := GetSpecialFolderPath( 16);

Put this in your UserMain script and call the function from PHP with the appropriate exo_ method (search in doc, it’s explained).

I am doing a project where I need to have an array of the KnownFolder id’s for use with GetSpecialFolderPath can you assist please, I have found many listings on the internet and books about windows “KnownFolders” and can not retrieve the same integer values you use.

Here for instance: