FIXED Error on loading xlsce file: comma instead of point in number format

Dear sirs,

on some computer of the users of my exe file, when they load a saved worksheet in xlsce format, they encounter an error due to the presence of comma instead of point as decimal separator.
The excel file was created using point as decimal separator.
The error continues even if the user change the settings in Microsoft Excel about decimal separator, choosing the point instead of comma.

How can I fix that?

Thank you

I add more details to the issue description:

at the moment 5 my clients report the folllowing issue: after saving a work in xlsce format, when they load the saved file, some input numbers have comma as decimal separator, others input numbers have the point. So the calculation goes in error.

I attach a screenshot of the issue:

The issue presents only when they load the a saved work, but not when they open the file and create e new work.
I don’t encounter this error on my pc.

If it can help you, I can send the exe file to perform some tests.


Not getting such a problem. Are your cells formatted to store numbers?
If it’s OK for you, yes, you can send us your EXE workbook file for review. If yes, you can zip it and upload the archive to
This is a free file hosting service: after upload, they will give you a URL. Please send us this URL so that we can download the Zip archive.

I found out the origin of the issue.

The problem was in the Windows settings for number format.

So changing the decimal separator to point (.) and the thousands separatore to apex (’) the problem was fixed.

Thank you

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