FIXED: Exception EFCreateError in module examplefile.exe at 021D0E7D

Hi first time posting here but I have run into an issue that I’m not sure how to fix and I would appreciate any insight. I have compiled a workbook with the registered version of XLSPadlock and then used the PaquetBuilder with that file. When I run the compiled workbook after using XLSPadlock alone it works just as it should. I then used the PaquetBuilder and compile/build everything at first seems fine, it successfully creates the set up program, the uninstaller and the program itself. but when I click to open the program I get an application error: Exception EFCreateError in module examplefile.exe at 021D0E7D. (i put examplefile.exe inplace of my program name :). I am using the personal edition of the paquetbuilder and am very new to using this. I have no idea what i need to do to fix but would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.

Please disregard. The issue as it turns out was with my xlsm file. I am no longer experiencing this issue. Thanks