Flash Content In EXEOutput for PHP

I have php software that uses flash and provides end users a way to edit and generate graphics.

Right now I have them installed on a website for access. I am looking for an alternative that will work after the end of 2020 when browsers stop supporting flash.

Will your software allow me to create an installable that is self inclusive and works with flash within the software?

What dependencies does your software have in regards to displaying the output?

Is it its own browser code that supports flash?

Can we include a version of flash in the software we compile so that our software works regardless of external browser and window environments?

ExeOutput handles Flash thanks to the Adobe Flash Player PPAPI plugin. So, if the plugin is installed, Flash will be played by default (we enabled Flash support automatically in ExeOutput).

Can I include it automatically in my exe to my end users or do they need to have the adobe flash plugin installed?

Or when I create a installer for it do I include the adobe plugin in the install process?

The Flash player’s EULA does not allow us to embed the player inside the EXE file. You can include it in an installer yes.