Flash saveas


I downloaded the last demo of exeoutput and I’m trying to implement a download flash style (downloadify)
see the demo : http://pixelgraphics.us/downloadify/test.html

I works like a charm in internet explorer but does not work in webkit, and I need to be in webkit.

I need it for an application I am developing. What I need is to save textarea content to a file in a location choosen by the user.

by the way I am impressed by your software

(sorry for my English)


You want to save the content of the form? You can use the POST method of the form to post data to a PHP script and store data into an external file with PHP. You have a working example in our General Demonstration (check out its source code in the Samples folder of ExeOutput).

but I would like the user could choose the destination to save the file (content of textarea).

If not possible, could you give me an example in php?
I am not an advanced programmer.
Thank you

The help file contains an example about how to prompt user for a filename: