Floating the TOC

Is there any way that I can float the table of contents that pops up, as it squeezes the actual content in the right hand frame. I would rather that it just appeared over the content.

Is it a table of contents of yours (an HTML page) or the TOC feature offered by HTML Executable? I don’t exactly understand what you want.

It’s the TOC feature offered by HTML Executable.

When a user clicks the Contents button the TOC appears at the bottom left of the toolbar and the page content gets squeezed at the side. I would like to float the TOC above the page view as if it were at a higher z-index.

It’s not a ‘problem’ it’s just something that I would like to be able to do.

Currently when the contents button on the toolbar is pressed the TOC opens pushing the current page to the right. I would like it to have a higher z-index and ‘float’ above the current page.

I can’t show an actual screenshot of what I would like but I can mock one up.

This is the original page (for example)


This is what happens when I press the contents button.


This is what I would like to happen:


I dont know how to make the images appear correctly!

I don’t see, sorry. Any screenshot to show me your problem?

Any ideas?

I just want the TOC to have a z-index higher than the page below it so that it does not affect the page below…

This is not possible in the current release. We’ll see whether this can be changed.