Folder inside folder help

I can’t find a tutorial in using components which I guess is how I need to do this. I am trying to preserve a folder pathway. I can do that but I can’t see how to create a folder which has another folder inside plus an exe file and stays that way after it is extracted.

Folder 1 called Basic
Folder 2 called Files
a Flash application exe file.

No matter what I have tried when it extracts into the documents, for instance, I get Folder 2 and the Flash exe file but not inside folder 1, just along with the other files in the documents folder.
When it is extracted I want a folder named Basic which has Files Folder and exe file inside.
Do I need to use 7-zip

In playing around I made it work although maybe not the way it should be done.
I put Folder 1 - Basic - that contains the other folder and the exe file inside another folder.
Then I made the path relative to the very outside folder. Then when I extracted it I got a folder called Basic with my other folder and the exe file inside.

This tutorial can also be helpful: