Folder name was not set correctly (SOLVED)

I’ve encountered a strange bug in the program. I installed that on my Windows 7 os. Compiling the app is ok, but when I try to launch exe file, I get the error “Неверно задано имя папки”. In English that means “Folder name was not set correctly”. Then I tried default sample application but got the same problem. Then I asked my friend to nstall the programm on his pc (Windows 7 as well) and he succeed. Programm works perfectly with him. Then he sent me compiled exe file and I launched it on my own pc and I’ve got the same error! So, that means compiled exe files works on his env, but doesn’t work on mine. What’s wrong and how can I fix that? Thanks.

I guess there is a problem with your Windows user name. Does it have special characters?
Which version of ExeOutput are you using?

I’ve fixed it. Change TMP and TEMP in SYSTEM VARIABLES to C:\Windows\tmp . Now it works. Thank you.