Forced open of XLSC

I need a option to force the EXE to open the XLSC if it exists in the same folder.
My EXE saves data that is entered by the client, saved to XLSC
I can not have the client the chance to open the original EXE and overwrite the XLSC data

I tried the batch file option to open the EXE with command line option make my clients IT nervous
Can not get a Windows shortcut to work
I can not ask my client to open via CMD each time, they have 12 different EXE files

I have a unhappy client right now, @gdgsupport @gdgdevsupport please help

Thank you

I have this on but it is not opening the latest XLSC Save changes automatically and load them without prompt next time

Try to reset data on the end user’s computer.

BTW you can also drag and drop XLSC files directly onto the EXE file in Windows Explorer and they will open.