Formula Bar Showing

Im trialling this software and have found this problem unless I have a setting wrong, my restrictions are I have a tick in Disable all ribbons and toolbars, now after I compile the application and run it I do not see any of the excel toolbars etc, however I can go to the Office Button then select Excel Options, scroll down to Advanced then under Display place a tick back in Show Formula bar then whoah, the formula bar is shown with all my formulas ?

Hiding the formula bar isn’t a protection at all. If you don’t want your users to see your formulas in the formula bar, use our Formula Protection feature of XLS Padlock as highlighted here:
Or configure your cells as hidden cells with a password. If you configure XLS Padlock not to allow your users access to the VBA editor, and without direct access to the original XLS file, it will be really difficult to break the password and thus make cells unhidden.