Formula protection fails if sheet has formula "INDEX..."

Yes I tried

I tried the option showed above. Ifound it within
But the problem remains. I describe it more detailed:
“Build Secure Application” makes the .exe file, but the file does not open.
The XLS Padlock message is “Loading workbook, please wait…”. Even after pressing the button “If nothing happens, click this button to refresh…” there is no further reaction. The Windows Task-manager shows me that there is no more activity.
The excel sheet is reduced now to the minimum of two cells:
[A1].formula="=INDEX(Tabelle2!A:A;ZEILE())" (B1).formula="=C1". Thats all.
The application can be opened, if there is no Formula Protection or if there is no formula of type “=INDEX…”.
The application can not be opened, if there is any Formula Protection and if there is somewhere a formula of type “=INDEX…”.
The Excel Version is 14.0.7149.5000 (32.Bit)

INDEX is not supported by formula protection. See the user guide of XLS Padlock for known limitations and workarounds