Full Activity Log for Validations of products

I have created a plugin that allow you to see the full activity of who are accessing your workbook that gets checked against the rest api…this will show you completely who is validating your workbook at what time with what IP address and with what order.Now you have full access to see who access it and to prevent no unauthorized access of your files.This will ALSO show who activate a workbook.This was requested by another user here and I thought this is a highly needed feature and FREE OF CHARGE -Njoy


Install Xlspadlock.zip like a normal addin in wordpress

Only available for 30 days the download!!! Its a full version!!!

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Thanks ffor this great work. We’ll have a test!

Your very welcome support -please give me your feedback please


Is this still available somewhere?

No, because the modifications were integrated into the official WooCommerce Integration Kit. If you are an XLS Padlock customer, just get it for free at https://www.xlspadlock.com/account

Yes, I`m using it. I was wondering if it does log also IP addresses?

No, but you can easily add this by editing the controller file.

These modifications that were integrated show only Activation times for the Order, but no Activation or Validation logs are saved?

No, but I put a code in the other thread for that.