Function GetClipboardText losing formatting

Thank you for the workaround :wink:

No problem.

There’s no way around the truncating of body text using mailto:. Every mail client and browser is different.

var selection = window.getSelection().toString();
var selectionEncode = encodeURIComponent(selection);
window.location.href = ‘heexternal://mailto:[email protected]’ + selectionEncode;

Still removes the CRLF’s, but it really does not matter, for me, since my process tends to send a large amount of data (which gets truncated). So I’m not longer going to pursue this solution.

Going full circle, in a non-ExeOutput php program:

window.location.href = ‘mailto:[email protected]?body=’ + selectionEncode;

Does not remove the CRLF’s. So not sure if you wish to pursue why removes happen under ExeOutput.