General Excel Software with restriction of Hard Disk only

I am making constant changes in Excel Software it is to be supplied to all previous clients with their own HardDisk restrictions. I am facing following problems.

  1. Every time new protection code for software is generated so it is not possible to import their saved data back to new Excel Software i sent to clients.
  2. If i supply Activation Key for limited uses, if for example for 3 uses, so when 3 uses done, if they delete .lic file, they still can use the same Software for more 3 times, so whole purpose of restriction fails.
  3. There is no way that we can directly enter protection code for software so that any changes done, it remains same for all future changes and thus previous saved data is used in the new software supplied to them.

Sorry but it’s difficult to understand some questions.

  1. What do you mean by protection code?
  2. This is unfortunately a limitation of the portable mode. You shouldn’t use it for making compiled workbooks with time-limited functionality.
  3. Same as question 1)