Get file size in bytes

Does anyone know the secret (code) for getting a files size in bytes.

I believe this is available in the Widows API kernal32.dll but I can not figure out how to send the files path information (C:\Temp\myfile.txt) – or how to retrieve the size data back from the DLL (into an HEScript variable – so it can be sent to my PHP code).

I know (from the examples) that a “dead end” process can be run in the user32.dll (using MessageBoxW)-- but I can’t find any code for sending data to or retrieving data back from a DLL file.

Perhaps this must be done with a “pointer” variable but I haven’t found any information for doing this.

Any help would be appreciated (gdgsupport :-))


You have a working sample (for file size) in the General Demo that ships with ExeOutput (see Accessing Files).