Getting only jumbled text codeigniter

I am using exeoutput to convert Open Source Point of Sale which is build on Codeigniter 3.1.9.
Getting no errors in compile, but when i run the executable it shows only this

Project is running fine on local machine.
any idea why is this happening?

No way of knowing if my issue was / is related to yours, but mine was using a PHP closing tag which is discouraged by Codeigniter.

Had a autoload helper file with a PHP closing tag and once removed, all was good.

Thanks for replying.
i will try that

Please wait for ExeOutput 2019 for CodeIgniter-based projects. We highly improved compatibility with CI in that future release. If everything goes fine, the new version will be out on Monday or Tuesday.

will wait for it.

Released, please retry.

it worked, not getting this error anymore but now it gives an error when i run the app

icudt63.dll not found

then the login page shows.
after writing the credentials in login box it gives error

public/login not found

It’s due to the intl extension. It requires an additional DLL file (icudt63.dll) that is not detected by ExeOutput 2019 and that will fix in next update.
Until that, copy all icu****.dll files from the PHPRuntime folder to the folder with your EXE file.