Getting required files for 2018.3

Having issues with 2019. Many and I mean many of my past projects created using 2018 having issues. Mainly path issues. What once worked is now not. Got many messages about not being able to find files in Data folder among assorted other errors. Nothing changed on my end except installing 2019.

I uninstalled 2019 and reinstalled 2018.3. Do check for updates and telling me to update to 2019 with no options to update 2018. How please?

Nailed it down to something changed how header location is handled. Not sure what changed within the software but found a work around for now. Scared the crap out of me that was not going to meet my commitment for Monday.

Sorry to hear that you were in some trouble again. Do you have more information you could share about that header location problem? Did you switch to PHP 7.3 or moved to an older version as in 2018.x?

I am beginning to think this all has something to do with my virus protection kicking in. In the past never had issues on any exeout versions with my virus / firewalls.

Have tested V2019 using two machines, one running standard windows security virus and other one runs Sophos Home Premium. They both act the same.

In V2019 when clicking save, can take some time and see the “not responding message” and then seems to save. For what it worth, seems to also happen when clicking update file structure.

When clicking the compile button, same behavior but seems to hang on different .php or .js files. Rarely the same files but always hangs. Sometimes it will continue after minute or so, other times I have to kill Exo4Php.exe with task manager.

If I completely disable my virus/firewall things return to normal.

Still troubleshooting the header location issue. Until I nail it down, do not wish to send you on wild chase. Will see what I can figure out and report back.