Google Push Notification In Exeoutput

Is there any way to show google push notification in compiled app EXEOut?

IF so, how to implement within the software and would appreciate little more info please.


ExeOutput can show Windows notifications (there is a sample in our general demo that ships with the software).
However, push notifications are designed for mobiles. You can simulate this by having your application periodically download data from your server and display a notification when needed.

I am talking about push notification for web / cloud messaging like Firebase or Pushcrew which allow us to to sent notification to user’s browser.

You can see it on many website like google mail which allow to subscribe for desktop notification and notify upon mail received even you are not on google website.

These services seem to be more suited for generic browsers and not general desktop applications. The main problem is that there is no generic push notification sdk for desktop applications, except major web browsers.

well, in my opinion, its not hard to implement it in Exeoutput. and hope it will be available soon.

If you figure this out @rajeshkumarsir, please do share.

I have spent a year trying to find ways to get push working on any type of chromium based app.

I have been experimenting with this:

But main issue I am running into is exeout apps do not have a location bar.

We’ll check your link, thanks!