Hardware-locked key case

I am building my online business by selling a Spreadsheet Excel file product. I want to protect it and choose hardware-locked key method to prevent the sharing of customers to others. Customers can activate the Spreadsheet by getting activation key automatically from my membership website (through “Get key online” option, key generator PHP SDK).

The question is that whether my Spreadsheet is safe when my customers (members on my site) share the same Spreadsheet (they got before) and the link to get activation key to others? Because others can generate the other keys on my site (with the same ID and password of membership) and activate same Spreadsheet on other computers.

Thank a lot.

In that case, you should probably modify your website to remember the number of activation keys generated and have a regular watch over that, or limit the allowed amount of activation keys per customer.

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Thank Team for your good idea.

But could you recommend me some clear technique solutions for two option you mentioned? Such as plugins in Wordpress.


Such a plug-in doesn’t exist in wordpress yet, but we have some ideas in this area.

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Hi Team,

Thank for your reply.

I actually would like to have a so good solution for my business before I make decision to purchase your software. Do you have ideas else for my demand

  • Customers download my protected Spreadsheet and activate it by themselves, also could deactivate it.
  • The Spreadsheet can be shared but can not be activated online by others (customers’ friends)

Or we need other solutions

Once again, many thanks.

That’s one of our goals. We already have a similar service for ebooks as you can see here: http://www.protect-ebook.net
One of the future feature of XLS Padlock is online activation with hardware-locking and, of course, deactivation so that customers can transfer compiled workbooks between PCs if they need to.

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Yeap! XLS Padlock can solve my first “-”, but the second “-” is still my headache, I am looking for a extra solution (on Wordpress) that could be combined with XLSPadlock to solve this issue completely.


Sure, the integration with WordPress would be a plus, as setting up WordPress is easy.

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Ok, Thanks.

If you have other great ideas with Wordpress integration to help me solve my issue quickly (because I am not code technician, I have to grope many things), please let me know.

I appreciate your help and time.

Hi Team,

I would like to ask you that your online activating link is unique link or a link served for one time use?

If that is unique link, do we have any way to hide or encrypt, encode it on my customers’ address bar that they could not share to others?


This feature is not part of the SDK, you can create it yourself if you have PHP skills.