Hardware-locked keys for several end users

I have created an application with a hardware-locked key for my clients. Can I send the same protected application to my users, or do I have to generate a new aplication for each one ?
I have tried to generate a protected application on my server and to copy it. I activated the copied one, and it appeared that the original application was also activated, this is why I had this question.
Besides, if somebody else tries to open the application that I have activated on my computer from another computer, it is possible to generate a new key for the same application. Is that normal ?

Thank you for your help !

You can send the same protected application; if you are using hardware-locked keys, when you move the application to another computer, it will ask for another key.
Your problem is a strange one. Did the other user run the application from your computer, did he copy the EXE file or run it through a client/server connection?
Finally, what system ID option did you select?

Thank you for your answer.

The application is on a server and is accessible from any computer connected to this server. Anyone who tries to open the file is asked for another key, which seems to be normal according to your previous post.
I haven’t changed the system ID option, therefore it is “use hard disk serial number”.

The only “strange thing” to me is the fact that if I have several copies of the same application in the same folder, once I have activated one of the copy, the other ones are activated as well. But I don’t think it’s a problem since it is still necessary to have a key and other users can’t access it if they don’t have one. I tried this because at first I thought that once an application is activated on a specific computer, it cannot be used on another one.

Copies of the same application are just copies, so they will behave the same on the same computer.