Help on changing application GUI with cronjobs


Is there any working example of changing GUI with cronjobs?

What i did:




What was Result?
Application hangs and created multiple processes, it looks like every cronjob created process in background because it hanged out

What i need
It would be great if scripts in cronjobs could update application GUI, I could show for eg how many new emails is in inbox, how many new orders in ecommerce, etc etc

Is it possible?


It hangs because you shouldn’t access the GUI from PHP directly. Call your HEScript procedure2 directly from the cron job.


I updated topic description.
Is it wrong direction?

I need to get data from application script about how many emails, orders, or something else and put in GUI. How can i achieve it?


Works like a charm :slight_smile:






It is possible to change caption - 4

But how to change 1,2,3 on above picture? How to change onclick button, url, javascript or something else, how to change image? Is it possible


You can’t modify actions at runtime. For images, you can modify the ImageIndex property to pick up another image from the image list.