Help with Image Upload, Please

I have spent hours reading the docs and trying different methods with no luck. Tried info from:[]=upload

Tried so many things over past week, have lost count…

Here is the simple PHP script I am trying to use:

$errorImgFile = “./img/img_upload_error.jpg”;
$destinationFilePath = ‘…/mathtest/images/’.$_FILES[‘file’][‘name’];
if(!move_uploaded_file($_FILES[‘file’][‘tmp_name’], $destinationFilePath)){
echo $errorImgFile;
echo $destinationFilePath;


Most basic upload script but for life of me cannot get it to work with EXEOut. Could you please give me example how to make work? Be much appreciated.

Using EXEOut V2 Beta if makes any difference.

Thank you.

Have you tried the file upload replacement using hescript.

you can see the documentation if you didnt find it so far

Try this and this works smooth.

Is there any reason you want to use the file upload only instead of this

Thank you @Achu for response and input, much appreciated.

I did try the script route but failed and most likely because of my lack of understanding. Most likely failed because I cannot grasp how to place the path like “/mathtest/images/”.

No matter what I tried using info:

aTitle: title of the dialog box.
aFilename: default filename.
aDefaultExt: default extension.
aFilter: file extension filter
aInitialDir: initial directory

Also, using a simple WYSIWYG and like to students to upload their image for placement on generated page (which they download or print after creating).

Thanks again for input,


This issue has me stumped and would really like some input from support.

I just need to upload an image to data directory. Seems simple and once I see some example will most likely be embarrassed but, really like some input/example from gdsupport, please.


We’ll update the general demo sample to include an upload sample.

Thanks. Certainly no help now but guess that will do…

I am as well having serious issues with this not uploading pictures at all and I’m more concerned too because all my software does it points to a directory on our site(Cloud based POS system). that he or gde stuff does not work correctly unless im missing something.

Upload in ExeOutput 1.7 won’t work, that’s why you have workarounds explained in the documentation. Upload works in ExeOutput 2.

Gosh, wish you could paste what you are using to get image uploads working in Beta 2. Have tried for months. Finally used a PHP upload script only to learn chromium blocked display due to security flags have no control over…

You still having issues with this? I can share my image upload source. Works just fine

@WG_Consultants Sure! Have been using sloppy work around and happy to see how you are doing it.

There is a new upload sample in the Chromium demo that ships with ExeOutput. Take a look at the source code.