Hide Formular in XLS Pad Lock

When I right click the mouse: XLS Pad lock did not appear to hide the formular?
The formular is not top secrete but I have within 30 worksheet and I want hide all of the formular.

How I can do?

Thank in advanced

You can’t hide all formulas at once because we don’t recommend to do so: this would slow down execution of Excel.

The goal is that if someone manages to remove the protection, protected cells will stop working and thus the workbook becomes useless. So basically, you should choose some cells to protect with XLS Padlock and use the
hidden attribute for all other remaining ones.

There are known tricks to deprotect hidden cells through password cracking, but this requires VBA. If you block access to VBA editor with XLS Padlock, this should be OK.


Thanks. Ok. I understand for "all the formular"
But there is no toolbar in my Excel to hide one of the formular (right-click mouse neither) How can I protect one of the formular?

Moreover, I notice that the file after complied can not be “save as”. We can’t save our work and our modification on this file.
What we can do to use the old file that we modifed, that we can change the name of the file… but the people can use this file and the modified file within one fixed period.


Which version of XLS Padlock are you using?
XLS Padlock users can save changes: see the user guide, it explains how this works at https://www.xlspadlock.com/doc/XLSPadlock-Guide.pdf

Try also to run XLS Padlock Manager and see if the three leds are green regarding the right-click context menu that doesn’t work for you.