Hiding Formula Bar


Despite I have checked the “Disable all ribbons and toolbars” in “Restrictions” under “Security” options, the Formula bar still appears in the compiled EXE.
Maybe I’m not doing something right, or there is bug?


Formular bar can’t be hidden. However, you can also hide formulas in the formular bar with the standard Excel protection or with XLS Padlock’s formula protection feature. Although Excel protection was weak in previous versions, with XLS Padlock features, you can prevent the Excel password protection from being cracked easily.

I use Excel 2007. You can hide the formula bar by selecting VIEW on the Ribbon then uncheck the “formula bar” box. When you create the executable file there will be no formula bar showing on any sheet.

Hope this helps.

Dave Oliver

I did it on excel 2010 but didn’t work. I’ll give it another try. Thank you

Have you had any luck hiding the formula bar?

Not really. It remains hidden when you use the same Excel in the same PC, but in other PC with other Excel it still appears.

Put this code into your worksheet when opening a worksheet event open it will hide the formulabar. So this can be done

Sub HideFormulaBar()

  Application.DisplayFormulaBar = False


End Sub

See the solution can you please add that into the software

Thank you


See solution

Can be done in Vba

Thank you for your solution.
I haven’t test it yet, but I guess it will prevent me from seeing the formula bar every time I open the worksheet as well and not only the compiled EXE. Isn’t it?

Will work smoothly yes on your compiled exe

It works!
Great. Thank you John

Please note that XLS Padlock 3 has now the ability to hide the formula bar and prevent users from activating it again during the Excel secure session. You can do it here:

I’m owning V2.5 License.
Possible to upgrade to 3.0?

It’s always possible but it depends whether your maintenance is still active or not. Check your account at https://www.xlspadlock.com/account
If it has expired, you can renew it when you want. And with a discount.