How is the exe file made available?

I understand what happens once the exe file created by Paquet Builder is running on the user’s computer. How does it get there? How is it downloaded? What is the interface for making it available?

In my case, I have an executable ebook created by HTML Executable. Then PB wraps it in its own code and creates a larger exe. How do I tell the user how to download that larger exe?

Do I simply furnish the user with a link to that exe in my website?
Can I make it available on a Google Drive?

Then when the user clicks on it, does it automatically install the ebook?

You create the installer in EXE format with Paquet Builder. End users have to download it from your website or Google Drive (if EXE files are not accepted, you can also zip the EXE file first).
When the user launches the installer EXE file, it can automatically install the ebook if you configure Paquet Builder to do so. Paquet Builder can build silent installers of course, but you can also add more steps such as a license agreement. It’s up to you.