How to change name in Ribbon



I have created different tabs in Ribbon Bar.
If I want to hide Ribbon Bar Its works well with :
SetUIProp(“Ribbon1scToolPager1”, “Visible”, “FALSE”);

But what about to change the name of a tab, using SetUIProp is it possible ?
I have tried addind tab name as follow :
The name of the tab is : scToolPagerPage1.
So I use the following :
SetUiProp(“Ribbon1scToolPager1scToolPagerPage1”, “Caption”,“text”);

But it is not working, any idea ?



And does this work?
SetUiProp(“Ribbon1scToolPagerPage1”, “Caption”,“text”);


I have allready tryed that way, and it doesn’t work to!


We’ll try to see what is wrong.


Ok, thank-you !