How to copy paste with a macro from another workbook

I am not sure if it`s possible to make an Excel macro in other workbook able to copy cells of the .XLSC workbook and paste them in the other workbook.

This can be done manually (ctrl C in the .XLSC workbook and then ctrl V in the .XLSX workbook).
I have tried 2 ways without success:
1-By recording a macro in a new workbook. The problem is that the .XLSC path doesn’t appear in the VBA.
2-I have tried to add the path manually in the VBA code but I got an error. Therefore I do not know if this is possible or I am not writing correctly the path.

Is the other workbook opened in the same instance as the compiled workbook?

The other workbook was in a different excel instance.
I have tried now opening the .XLSX in the same instance and it works.

The easiest way is to develop the macro in the other workbook before compiling the compiled workbook. Then compiling it to have the .EXE.
After this you have to open the .EXE and the .XLSX in the same instance.
Thank you for your support.

Yes … you can run a VBscript that will copy cells (and even format, keep links, etc…) from the protected exe file and export it to another workbook. You can set up the VBscript with a button on a userform or within a cell to do this…

example here…