How to create a .hepx template?

What is the best way to build a template file for HTML Executable? I have 1400 different .exe publications to create that have 80-95% identically configured .hepx project parameters. I don’t want to create a new .hepx configuration for each project as this increases the likelihood of errors creeping in as well as a huge time investment repeatedly creating identical .hepx project parameters. I could not find this issue addressed in GDG’s forums or in HTML Executable’s Help files. Help!


I have been using the clone project feature and find that it has worked well. Have you tried that?

In your case, directives will be the perfect feature, since it can work from command-line and use an existing project as template.
See the documentation:

HTML Executable introduces a specific file type called “directive
file”: HTML Executable’s directive files are given the extension .hed.
They are text based and they contain instructions for HTML Executable
in order to create a publication. Directive files are useful for
external applications which need to create publications or to create
automatic building processes.