How To Dynamically Unlock VBA Code

I am using the features of XLSPadlock to prevent users from looking at the VBA code. After I compile the Excel application, it creates an .exe. When I open this Exe, it eventually brings up my Excel application. Is there any way that in the VBA code I could UNLOCK the VBA to delete a module or two?

Currently, after the user opens the application, I save it as an .xlsm that can be run without XLSPadlock. The code, however, is still locked. I would like, at the point that I save it to an xlsm file, like to delete a module and then Unprotect the VBA code so it can be viewed (minus the modules that I delete).

Is this possible? Having locked VBA code sometimes creates issues if there is an error in the code since even Excel can’t get to it.

Rich Locus

Unfortunately this is not possible due to how this works in Excel.