How to enable myMenu Add-in to appear in final XLS

I have opted for Security->Disable all Ribbons & Toolbars but side by side i want to enable myMenu created under Add-in in Excel 2007 Ribbon. I am not able to get the ProgID of the same and enable through Security->Do not disable my following Add-ins. Pl. anybody will help me in this regard. I am surprised to note that in this Forum i am not getting any reply / suggestion from outsiders as well as from Software company. I am not getting proper guidance / solution on the spot. Pl. bear with me and provide me instant solution/guidance in the matter. The topic i am referring here is unique one and no such topic disucssed here previously and therefore i want instant solution / guidance pl.

If you know the creator the add-in, you can ask him to send you the progid.

Alternatively, use Regedit and browse to:

This key contains a subkey for each installed COM Add-in. The name of the subkey is the ProgID for the COM Add-in. Just copy and paste the name in: