How to get information from Application Output / Resources

How to get information from Application Output / Resources / Version Information

i need Company Name, File Description, Version Number, Product Number

Can i get it in some way?

The following resource strings are available:
SPubTitle, SPubCopyright, SPubAuthor, SPubHomepage, SPubVersion and SPubProductVer.

You can use exo_get_resstring to get the value of these resource strings.

great :slight_smile:

  1. How can i put this info in Application Settings -> Visual Controls -> Status Bar -> DefaultText
  2. Application Output -> Application Title

Is any way to use Application Output / Language / Resource Strings in rest ExeOutput configuration eg in the part of above fields?

I know that you are working on new version, i think that next version should have wiki help, where you and we could write help to this software. It would help us and you. Because lots of things is not documented and we have to ask you about some things. I know that there is exo_get_resstring function, but i didn’t know how parameter can I put there.

I ask you again to translate every error messages to change in Language. It is important for us that it shouldn’t name as Publication because it is Application, and i see that it stay from your original product htmlexe. Could you correct it next version? As I wrote in email i would like to test new version if it is possible :slight_smile:

Best regards

  • No, you can’t use the info in other fields.
  • I’ll see whether we can have a “Comments” section (wiki-like) for the help file opened to users…
  • I’ll try but this is not a priority. The most important task for ExeOutput is the new HTML engine asked by several customers.

Is any way to get Comments string from Resources?

I can only get SPubTitle, SPubCopyright, SPubAuthor, SPubHomepage, SPubVersion and SPubProductVer

No, maybe in a future version.

Is there possible to change dynamically application title?
Eg SetUiProp() function?

No, the application title cannot be modified at runtime.
However, the default window title can be modified:
SetGlobalVar("DefWinTitle", "What you want", false);