How to programmatically "restore" the main window from tray?

Is there a way to programmatically restore the main window when it’s minimized to the system tray?

I assume it could be a SetUIProp, but there is no list of UIProps that I can find anywhere…


I figured out the “Visible” property does it. E.g.

procedure showMainWindow;

procedure hideMainWindow;

Is there a list of all the properties that SetUIProp has access too? It would be very useful

Actually, SetUIProp can modify a lot of properties. But it depends on the control, so we have no specific documentation for it.

Can you please confirm what the correct way to show/hide/minimize/maximize the main window is?

I sometimes get an error doing it with the “Visible” property.

The error reads “Cannot change Visible property inside OnHide or OnShow”

What about the list of some common ones?

Visible, Top, Left, Width, Bottom, Enabled, Caption