How to reduce huge file size?

I have created a help file with HelpSmith software. It is not a huge or complex program. Compiled exe is 100MB which is too huge for me to place on SharePoint for distribution. Or send my email.
I am using the deployment feature of compressing the file as well and it is still huge and at this size I am not achieving my goal of file distribution.i have tried compressing it to zip or 7z and it compressed just to 98MB, which is no help.
What are my options to drastically reduce the file?

The large size is due to the Chromium engine which is packed within the EXE file by default. You could configure ExeOutput to keep the Chromium engine outside the EXE file and greatly reduce the EXE size. But you’ll have first to ensure distribution of the exocefruntime2021.exe file available at C:\Program Files (x86)\ExeOutput for PHP 2021\Redist to your customers and ask them to run it in order to install CEF files first.

If I do not need a browser do I still need chromium?

Yes, because HTML files are displayed with the Chromium engine, including dialog boxes used by the app.