How To Remove Scroll Bars

Hi G,D.G

How can I remove scroll bar on my output HTML exe? I mean I do not want to see any scroll bar in my interface…
I mean in stand-alone HTML-viewer mode not in IE-Based Browser mode…

I have removed scroll-bars in my HTML page with this code:

html {overflow: hidden;}

When I open it with my browser it has no scroll-bars,but after using htmlexe to convert it,the output exe will have scroll-bars

So Where’s the problem? Is there any way to remove scroll-bars form standalone HTML Viewer Mode?

Please Guide Me in Step By Step Mode

Stand-alone HTML viewers do not handle all of the CSS properties. I’ll see whether we can add an option to hide scrollbars.

Another Question, How to add extra actions for buttons???
I mean for example About button can do two actions,one showing about message and one another action.

Is there any way to do that?

No, only one action is allowed per button. Or you can write a HEScript code that gets executed when the button is clicked, and your HEScript code would ask the user what he wants to do.