How to remove the Organization field from registrat. screen?

Hello there again,

Thank you for all your replies. It was great. Now, I have another two issues:

  1. Considering either online or offline activation, I tried to select Registration Key under Activation Properties tab. Since there are only two choices under that tab (the other one is Online Activation), my understanding is, this choise must be the manual/offline activation.

However, after having compiled, the Online Activation button still appears on the first Registration Dialog. When I select offline activation, I’d prefer the old hep project where there was no Online Activation Dialog screen, rather directly went to the Registration Dialog/Unlock screen. This will save one unnecessary step for my customers.

  1. Under the second Registration Dialog screen (Unlock screen), I tried to remove the Organization field, since this field is not necessary because all my customers will be end users (my business is B2C not B2B). However, when I edit the Unlock Screen (under Publication Settings - Behavior & Scripting - System HTML Pages), and delete these lines:

I got this error message when activating the registration:

Runtime Error (at 40:171) script 2 DoRegister:
Access violation at address 01BDAD2B in module ‘HEIERun.dll’.
Read of address 00000000.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Unfortunately, you can’t remove the organization field because the publication seeks it by default. Since it doesn’t find it, an access violation occurs. You have to reset your system HTML page, reintroduce your changes (if you don’t want to lose anything, you can copy the contents of the page to the clipboard, paste it into notepad for instance, etc…). Put the organization field into a div section for instance, and make it hidden with some style like: div style=“visibility: hidden;” or “display: none;”.
Thus the organization field still exists, but it will be hidden.


How about the other issue? Is there a way to eliminate the Online Activation Dialog screen and goes directly to Unlock Dialog screen?


It’s not an issue, but rather a feature requested by some other customers. You mean the first dialog that lets you choose between entering your license key or testing the trial edition, right? I’m a bit confused, so if you could send screenshots to illustrate your problem, this would be really helpful.

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