How to use server2go with exeoutput & jquery

  1. i’m trying to make mywebsite into portable .exe file, since it makes use of database for login and user can update into database, i have created a .exe file with exeoutput for PHP by referring the source given. everything works fine in my system since i have installed wamp as local server but when i tried to execute the same .exe file in another system which doesn’t have any server installed or sql, php pre-installed in system, is not working. How to solve this ???

  2. have used jquery but its not working at all, i got this error:

"An error occurred in the script on this page"
Line: 28
Error: Expected “.”

since jquery code will have . ($document().ready())

Did you follow the tutorial that ships with the server2go demo at ?

yes i followed it, some how it created .exe file, some times it works and most of the times it will throw an error : unable to establish the connection with database. is there any particular place we have to put our .exe file in server2go??

Q) i;m getting an exception for the jquery? its not working at all. how to go solve this

Maybe you have firewall problems if you can’t connect to the database.

Is your jquery embedded in the EXE or from a third-party remote server?