HTM Executable 5 update?

When is HTML EXE 5 coming? We are still waiting any new or update? We are in summer already as promised.

We are still working on it. We identified some problems with Chromium for playing HTML5 videos and it must be fixed before release.

Thank you for the update. Will it be out before October?

It’s difficult to give an exact date. It’s an important update so we must be sure it will work fine when it comes out. HTMLEXE has a lot of features so we must ensure they work as expected with the Chromium engine behind.

Any updates on its release? Im seeing other products getting the attention by way of updates except this one. :frowning:

Any good news yet. Is been long overdue. We have product pending release of this product please give us an update or a date. Thanks.

We restarted our implementation of the Chromium engine from scratch because the last one wasn’t bug-free regarding popups and video playing. Moreover, for HTMLEXE 5, we’ll have to drop support for XP and Vista (at least if you choose the Chromium rendering engine).

Thank you for the update, does “starting from scratch” means it will not be released anytime soon link before December?
Anyway please keep us posted. Dropping support for XP and Vista should not be an issue. I will like to suggest releasing Beta version soon before the final one is released

Hopefully not, but as for our other products which received a major release, it’s taking time. We can’t release an unfinished product. We’re thinking about publishing public Beta releases, as we did for ExeOutput 2.

I think HTMLEXE 4 a good stable product as it stands, perhaps lets just add the following features;

and call it version 5, unless there are other demands for the Chromium Engine which outweighs what I have listed above.That way it will give you all a lot of time to develop chromium for version 6.

The reason why a lot of us are advocating for HTMLEXED 5 is a better-inbuilt browser that does not depend on internet explorer and flash. where html5 content can work well.

Is my belief that a lot of your suggestion will come with HTMLEXE 5.

Yes I agree. Chromium engine is indeed essential. Personally I’d like my applications to work independent of IE in case the clients are using older versions of IE. Furthermore, IE 11 on windows 7 doesn’t work all that well with modern HTML5 and some clients don’t even bother with updates.