HTML 5: datalist

Anybody out there, who can help me?

I would like to have the parameter datalist in the input box (HTML 5, running at all recent browser versions).

It works well in my Chrome 40 and IE 11, but not with ExeOutput. I tried both Chromium and Trident engine, but it didn’t work.

I will appreciate any advice.

It’s because the Chromium engine used in ExeOutput is outdated. You’ll have to wait for ExeOutput 2.

Thanks. HTML5 is really great. We can only wait for the new ExeOutput 2. When will it be out?

I like to answer my earlier question on datalist in HTML5. (This is not the first time, I answer my own question). It might help others:

Going back to old, established jquery, I make the 99th demo (or is it the 999th?). But this one runs also in ExeOutput (not like the others I found, which don’t run in ExeOutput):

To make it short for this demo, I put it all in one PHP file. Of course, you might better put in separate functions/include/instances.

< head >

< !-- Grab the following 3 files from or -->
< !-- and copy them to a folder jquery on your server (this is not jquery-version-sensitive) -->
< link rel=“stylesheet” href=“jquery/jquery-ui.css”>
< script src=“jquery/jquery-1.10.2.js”>
< script src=“jquery/jquery-ui.js”>

< /head >
< body >

<? php ... echo "< form ........ ... $list4autocomplete = $whatever_array_you_have_to_appear; // this can be generated in PHP or picked from MySQL through SELECT query

< script>
$(function() {
$( “#tags1” ).autocomplete({
source: [ <?php
echo “’”.$list4autocomplete[0];
for ($cnt_autocompl = 1; $cnt_autocompl < count($list4autocomplete); $cnt_autocompl++){
echo “’,’”.$list4autocomplete[$cnt_autocompl];
echo “’”;
?> ]
< /script>
echo “”;
// output_variable is the selected value of the
// $whatever_array_you_have_to_appear,
// which you can $_GET or $_POST from the form

echo “”;

< /body >