HTML Executable 2021 Beta 1 problems

I’ve got 3 problems so far on WIndows 11:

  1. Screen copy-protection doesn’t work.
  2. Online activation for a publication doesn’t work, the publication just closes unexpectedly.
  3. There is no deactivation button in menu for the publication even after manual activation.


Thank you for your report!

  1. That’s strange because we also tested on Windows 11 and no problem on our side. Are you using some antivirus or other security software? Is Desktop Composition enabled on your computer? Enable Windows desktop composition to eliminate screen tearing and improve stability

    1. It would be perfect for us if you provide us with your EXE and HEPX files for internal testing. Because without that, it will be difficult for us to reproduce the problem. If yes, you can zip them and upload them to
      This is a free file hosting service: after upload, they will give you a URL. Please send us this URL so that we can download the Zip archive (in a private mail for privacy).
  1. BitDefender Total Security only.
  2. Sent.

Thanks, we got it.

Hi Guys,

I have been having the same problems with screen protection too - the method you provide to ensure that the DWM is switched on does not apply to anything above window 8. On windows 10 I have tried HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM and then accessed the compositon option which was set at 1 - I changed this to 0 hoping that it would turn it on.
However, it had no effect - I have the option to close down the app if screen protection cannot be activated, however, if I switch this off the application runs fine - so, can I assume by this that the screen protection is definitely not activated?
Also, I am trying to produce a trial version of my application and this does not work.
Thanks for your help

Managed to get the trial version working.
However, still no further forward with screen protection, the DWM is definitely switched on as confirmed by my task manager. please advise

Beta 2 is available which fixes the reported problems. Thank you.

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Thanks a lot! Such a really cool Christmas gift! Works much better as well as activation.

I spotted some strange behavior: when I’m waiting while loading and switching to another window, I can not interact with any element of the loaded application. I need to kill it with Task Manager.

Also, look like there is no Deactivation dialog yet?

Thank you for your feedback!

Be sure to load the menu items again from the template defaultmenubar.heuim at
C:\Program Files (x86)\HTML Executable 2021\UIModels\Menubar

Because templates were updated in Beta 2 to include new Register, Deactivation and Check for Updates menu items. They were missing in Beta 1. Beta 2 does not update menu items from Beta 1 (otherwise it would overwrite customized menus).

Loaded default menu items, saved and recompiled: still the same problem. Otherwise even worse: there is no menu appearing after clicking “Options…” button…

Are you using the default menu bar or the Navigation Menu? Because it’s not the same template.

Yes, I confused default models. But the problem is still persists: tried to rerun 3-5 times before I can click something inside window…

Inside which window? And which Options menu?

In compiled eBook. I can not interact with any element, close window, minimize or maximize it, open options menu or do anything.

Can you take a screenshot please?

On screenshot the eBook looks as usual, but I can not click anywhere inside its window. So the scenario is the next: compile ebook, run it, and while it is running click on some other window (browser, task manager or so). When the eBook is started it’s impossible to interact with any element in its window.

Do you think you could share your new EXE file and HEPX file with us for internal testing? If yes, you can zip them and upload them to
This is a free file hosting service: after upload, they will give you a URL. Please send us this URL so that we can download the Zip archive.

Yes, sure. I’ve sent.

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