HTML Executable 2022 Beta 4-compiling hangs on compression

Testing HTML Executable 2022 Beta 4 using source files that include 20 audio MP3’s. These are not large, averaging 5-7 Mb each. When compiling, the HTML Executable 2022 Beta 4 hangs on compressing these files, never completes final executable output. Eventually, after waiting a very long time, use task manager to end compiling process.

Other source files are not large (if I remove the audio files as a test, compiles very fast). Would prefer to not make any files external. Not sure why this compression is getting stuck (same project, same source files including mp3’s in 4.9.5 compiled very quickly)? Would appreciate any feedback/help.

Update: if, in sound files>properties>Do not compress the selected file(s)-only stored, I check this box, then compiling works quickly.

That seems the best solution. MP3 files are already compressed using their own packing algorithm, so attempting to further compress them will not result in any significant size gain but will consume just a lot of CPU resources and take a long time. I’ve noticed that with file packer usually trying to compress already packed files takes ages, probably this has to due with the fact that the packing algorithms have to work more with compressed files since their entropy has been altered by the previous compression.

Thank you, Tristano, for your excellent explanation: why choosing this approach is the best option. Much appreciated! Best Wishes.